The consultant and the responsibility

I just had an incident with my accountant and I realised the reasons behind the consulting fees. Why would you pay a high amount of money to a consultant? For the expertise? For the time he spent learning different things? For creativity? For outside perspective? For solutions?

Maybe it is a little bit o everything, but in my opinion, none of the above worth the money. The only thing that worth’s the money is TRUST.

You need solutions that you should trust that work and he or she is responsible in any advice offers to you. A consultant should act and advice your business like it is his own. No other way.

As consultants we sometime play with our client money and I think this is not fair. Responsibility must be the most important value of a person that deals with consulting services. As a consultant you have to follow and represent clients’ interests. Always. There is no excuse for a consultant not to act in client interest.

Sometimes we tend to entrust our consultants more than they can deliver and if something goes wrong, the responsibility goes into the client yard. It is not fair. Fairness and responsibility should come together hand in hand. In the end as a client you you are still responsible for your business, but this doesn’t mean that consultant is not as responsible as you are. I think that they should have malpractices cases for consultants.

I am a consultant my self and I sincerely believe that my client good is my own good. Acting or thinking in a different manner would make my clients loose business and I would not be the help they are looking for.