IPhone SE or how to milk a brand

I have always admired Apple for its bold and original way of aproaching markets. Even if I am a market research specialist, I have to admit that sometimes, the research cannot tell you where to go. And I loved this approach to Apple. You do something new and you win or fail. It’s cohones and people admire those with cohones.

IPhone SE is not cohones. In my oppinion is going into the right place and make some money now. This is something I don’t admire. If you would research the market and been Apple, producing SE would be a safe place. A phone that has all the bells and whistles of an Iphone 6s in the package that all Apple customers loved. Once. 3 years ago. It sucks! Will it sell? In my oppinion it will. But it won’t make you crave for him.

And this kind of strategy generates sales by eating the brand. I honestly hope that Apple won’t do it again. Every dollar generated is decreasing the brand value. Is not going to make feel you special and proud. You just got an Iphone with upgraded features. Everybody can have one now and many users been there 3 years ago. It is not a big deal.

Milking a brand is easy, but is not building. This is greed. And sooner or later customer will know it and feel it.